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Being mad cat-lovers here at Giddy HQ, we were delighted when the online retailer, Tattypuss, added our cat products to their line-up of carefully chosen cat gifts.  For cat-lovers everywhere, Tattypuss is the ideal shop to go to, offering a huge range of contemporary and traditional cat gifts to suit all tastes.

Now in their fifth year of business, Chris and Jo are also from a cat-mad family themselves.

Whenever we’re stuck for a present then we end up getting a cat something-or-other, but we found we had to wade through lots of dull stuff to find something really nice.  So we decided that a shop where people could find lots of cat themed thingamys that were original, different and fab….

And so Tattypuss was born!   Most of their customers are from the UK, but they also have plenty of customers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand too, all with one thing in common….!

What we love about Tattypuss is the sense of fun and enthusiasm found on their wonderful website.  Their choice of words to describe our Pusskin coasters made us laugh: “The fabbest, funkiest feline coasters you’ll find”.  And our favourite description has to be with our pocket mirrors: “Got a cat hair in your eye?  Find it in a whisker with this groovy pocket mirror.  The perfect handbag accessory for cool cats”.

We wish we’d thought of such hilarious descriptions.

Tattypuss is an independent family business, supporting other British independent businesses, including a wonderful selection of signed cat prints by British artists.  They also share their work space with Minty and Fudge….












If you would like to know more about this fabulous and fun online shop, click this link and have a browse for yourself