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What Panorama Says About Giddy Sprite

What Panorama Says About Giddy Sprite

By on Jun 11, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Panorama in Topsham is the first shop/gallery who stocked Giddy Sprite products.  We still deliver our products personally, as Panorama is not too far from Giddy HQ, and I love to stop and have a good old chat with Mary, the owner.   Here is what she said about Giddy Sprite, earlier this year:

“I have been buying Giddy Sprite products for 18 months now, and have placed 16 orders within that time.  In my gallery I stock over 120 different lines and Giddy Sprite is now out-selling my Dunoon range.

The Pusskin mugs are excellent, and these are my personal favourite.  My customer’s favourite is the pink version, including the coasters.  Normally I wouldn’t stock melamine-type coasters, but I trialled a few to begin with, and since then have ordered so many that I’ve lost count.

I’ve re-ordered the robin mugs 4 times during Christmas 2014.  On one occasion, I sold out within one day, after putting them in the window.  Although the clocks have only recently been stocked at the gallery, they are already extremely popular with my customers, and I know they’re going to be a big hit for me.